Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Beginnings

I guess to begin I should tell you a little about muself. I am not only a cook's wife I am a cook myself. For as I long as I have had a job I have pretty much always been a cook, it all started when I was 15-16 my parents took over a little canteen in the local hockey rink, if that isn't a truly Canadian past time I don't know what is. So for about a year and a half I worked evenings and weekends full time during holidays and school breaks as a short order cook, preparing burgers and fries and soup of the day for the local hockey players and there faithful followers. I even tried a little stint as being a hockey player myself, trust me when I say I was better cook than athlete. Like I said my parents only ran the canteen for only about a year and half but it was enough time for me to realize that I truly enjoyed what I was doing, I loved the weekends when there was usually some type of tournament going on and you where busy and just run ragged all day long, for many reasons it made the day fly by plus you got to intereact with all kinds of people and what better people for a 15 year old girl to interact with than bunch of teenage hockey playing boys. haha

Anyway after my stint at the hockey rink which lead me right up to graduation it was time to find another job. I tried doing a few other things working on a potatoe harvester, making christmas wreaths the type of jobs to make a couple of quick bucks but not exactly a career move. I wasn't quite ready to go to college yet, hell I didn't know what I even wanted to do for a living so I did what every 17 year old did right out of high school with no experience goes to do, McDonald s. I worked there for the next year and a half to two years working my way up from bun toaster to the fryer to grill to sandwich maker to the primo of all McDonalds positions wanted by every employee the expediter. Oh how proud I was of myself that very first day standing at the head of the line telling everyone else what needed to be done. After about a year of working there I decided I needed to go back to school, don't get me wrong it wasn't a horrible job but not the a career move I was looking for so I went to part time and went to school to take business administration. This went well for a while but getting to work and back every day became a pain in my ass and so I qite the golden arches and went to working a t a pizza joint, yes thats' right yet another kitchen.

You may ask if your in school taking business, why work in yet another kitchen.... well I am not gonna lie, business was not my thing two years of accumulated student loans I did not graduate, now I could have gone back for a third year to pick up my credits but why I was really not enjoying myself. So I sat down with a student adviser one day, not my student adviser but an adviser none the less, and for the life of me I cannot remember his name and he put it very simply, staying in this course is like putting a square peg in a round hole, why bother. He asked me what I enjoyed doing, the only response I had was what I know, cooking, so he suggested a culinary program at NBCC St. Andrews, and within 3 months off I went.

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