Thursday, January 21, 2010


So enough about my past lets get to the present. Like i said we now live in Fort McMurray, since I have been here I have done everything form the 5am breakfast buffet, pizza and salad station I help out in banquets frequently and I work the grill station, a little bit of everything keeping it new and interesting every day.

One of the biggest comments we get being that we are both cooks is how great we must eat and people wanting to know if we want to adopt them so they can come by for dinner every day. Well let me tell you the truth we are usually both so busy we are lucky if we get to eat let alone eat together. Don't get me wrong when we have the opportunity to cook a meal it is usually pretty fabulous, we usually get one day off together so yes the house smells fantastic with whatever menu items we have chosen then usually he has another day off and so do I where we prepare a meal for the other to enjoy when they arrive home. The rest of the week we both really enjoy quick comfort foods, we have been trying to eat healthier so we have been trying to prepare meals that last. Thats right the dreaded leftovers, but leftovers don't mean you have to always be eating the same thing take this evening for example I am going to prepare brown rice and some sort of stirfry. Now this may not be as exciting as you were hoping but trust me it will be delicious and healthy, and tomorrow maybe I add chicken or spice it up with something new from the pantry, who knows I never do until I start cooking.

The Pantry also one of the best things about both being cooks we love everything and love to try anything new the pantry is always full with the old favs and the new found herb or spice. Dinner is what you make it, just an example tuesday night taco night doesn't always need to be the same try a new hot pepper, make your own fresh salsa make your own refried beans just because a meal sounds boring doesn't mean it actually is. Get out there try something new just because you don't know what that funny looking vegetable is at the market doesn't mean you can't buy it. That is the power of the internet look it up find new recipes or read a blog there might just be something that interests you. We love food and have both decided to write about it his blog a cooks life and mine a cooks wife, hopefully they will make you feel inspired and try something new and enjoy the love for food as much as we do.

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  1. You inspire me every day...Love ya soooo much toots!!! A Cooks Husband xox